Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wee me

Tried out the WEE ME site mentioned on the "Who wants to be a librarian" blog! Thanks, it was fun to do! I am spending why too much time in front of this computer though!


Dana9876 said...

Hey there! Your WeeMee is neat! I went and made my own, and I left a comment on your page! I feel the same way about spending so much time in front of the computer. I've been working on my website, which is a lot of fun but time consuming. I can't believe you're done already. :)
Have a nice spring break.
Oh--and thanks for mouthing the words the other night in class when I was forgetting! I owe you one.

EileenS said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the WeeMee site!

dan said...

This is funny. I like these characters more than the ones you can create with second life. I was kind of dismayed by the available choices of avatars on second life, not to mention that it made my computer freeze every time I tried to log in for more than 15 minutes. For my second life character I eventually settled on the Eurodisco looking guy. I don't think it suited me though. I think I'd prefer the wee me

childlib1 said...

Hey, I think the WeeMee is great. I've had a lot of fun showing it to people at work. My kids helped me make it.